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Honda Brush Cutter UMK450T U2NT

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Honda Brush Cutter UMK450T U2NT is a standout farm machinery that reflects Honda's dedication to excellence and innovation. What makes Honda special is its longstanding reputation for crafting high-quality and dependable products, and the UMK450T U2NT is no exception. Powered by a robust engine, this brush cutter boasts high power with 2hp and 47.9 cubic centimeters, ensuring potent and efficient cutting for a wide range of gardening tasks. The product description of the UMK450T U2NT highlights its sturdy construction and user-friendly design, providing ease of use and durability. Designed to tackle dense vegetation and tough foliage, it proves to be a reliable companion for both residential and commercial applications.


As a branded product from Honda India Power Products Ltd, the UMK450T U2NT exemplifies the superiority of Japanese technology over generic China products, guaranteeing top-notch performance and reliability. Its precision engineering ensures precise cutting and reduced vibrations, offering comfort and control during use. As an authorized dealer, Way2Agribusiness India Pvt Ltd offers a comprehensive warranty for the UMK450T U2NT, providing customers with confidence in performing the activity. Each brush cutter package contains original box piece, ensuring secure delivery and installation support. With 100% quality assurance from us, farmers can trust that the Honda UMK450T U2NT will deliver exceptional results, making weeding activity efficient and easy.


Cutter Type

2 teeth

Cutting Diameter/Width

355 mm

Power (in HP)/ Max Output

2 HP

Engine Model/Dimension

GX50 T/4 stroke

Displacement (in CC) /No Load Speed (RPM):

47.9 CC

Start System


Handle Type

Shoulder type

Weight (in kg)

9.2 Kg



Fuel Capacity (in Ltr)

630 ml

Fuel Consumption/Hour

500 ml

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