Brush Cutters

Honda Brush Cutter

Honda brush cutters, Japan technology, are known in the market for product performance, quality and durability. All brush cutter variants are 4 stroke machines, petrol engine, power ranging from 1 hp to 2 hp and CC ranging from 25 to 50. Honda brush cutters included both shoulder type (UMK models) and backpack (UMR models). Backpack models have been added in the recent years and these are user friendly and best suitable in hilly stations. All Honda brush cutters variants come with a warranty of 1 year.

Product Specification

Product Name UMK435T U2NT UMK450T U2NT UMR435T L2ST
Engine Honda GX35 Honda GX50T Honda GX35T
Start System Recoil Starter Recoil Starter Recoil Starter
Power 1.5 hp 2 hp 1.3 hp
Engine type OHV,4 Stroke OHV,4 Stroke OHV,4 Stroke
Displacement 35.8 cc 47.9 cc 35.8 cc
Fuel used Petrol Petrol Petrol
Fuel Capacity 0.63 L 0.63 L 0.63 L
Fuel Consumption 350-450 ml 500 ml 500 ml
Weight 8.5 kg 9.2 kg 10.2 kg
Cutter type 2 teeth 2 teeth 2 teeth
Cutter width 305 mm 355 mm 304 mm
Handle Type Shoulder Double Belt Backpack
Country of origin Japan Japan Japan

Texas Brush Cutter

Texas brush cutters being supplied in the Indian market by Farm and Garden Technologies Pvt Ltd (FARMTEK), a subsidiary company of Texas A/S, Denmark. Texas has both two and four stroke brush cutters and the fuel type is petrol. Fast moving variants are Texas CG 430B and Texas BC 385 D, the later is ideal for other attachments like weeder as it has two split shafts

Product Specification

Model Name Texas CG 430B Texas BC 385 D
Engine type 2 stroke 4 stroke
Start System Recoil Starter Recoil Starter
Power 1.7 hp 1.6 hp
Cutter type 4 teeth / 8 teeth Nylon, 2 teeth, 80 T circular blade
Cutting diameter 250 mm - 420 mm 250 mm - 420 mm
Displacement 43 cc 35.8 cc
Fuel used Petrol Petrol
Fuel Capacity 1 L 0.65 L
Fuel Consumption 900 ml 400 ml
Weight 8 kg 8.2 kg
Handle type Shoulder and Backpack Shoulder
Contry of origin Denmark Denmark

Husqvarna Brush Cutter

Husqvarna brush cutters are Sweden technology based good quality and cost competitive brush cutters available in the Indian market. All Husqvarna brush cutters have petrol engine with power ranging from 1.2 hp to 2 hp. Shoulder type variants such as 131R and 236R are fast moving products in the market.

Product Specification

Model Name 131 R 236 R 131RB 143R-II
Engine Type 2 stroke 2 stroke 2 stroke 2 stroke
Start System Recoil Recoil Recoil Recoil
Start System Petrol Petrol Petrol Petrol
Net Power 1.2 HP 1.6 HP 1.2 HP 2 HP
Displacement 32 CC 33.6 CC 32 CC 41.5 CC
Fuel tank capacity 0.9 L 0.8 L 1.15 L 0.94 L
Fuel Consumption/hrs 550 g/kWh 639 g/kWh 550 g/kWh 653 g/kWh
Weight 7 kg 7.2 kg 10.2 kg 7.6 kg
Country of origin Sweden Sweden Sweden Sweden
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Makita Brush Cutter

Makita brush cutters, Japan technology, are known for electric brush cutter in the Indian market. Fast moving brush cutters from Makita are RBC411U & UR3501 shoulder type. Makita brush cutters are weightless with below 5 kg compared with other products in the market as these are electric products.

Product Specification

Model Name RBC411U EM2500U
Engine 2 stroke 2 stroke
Start System Recoil Recoil
Power (in HP) 2 Hp 1 HP
Cutting diameter 255 mm 200 mm
Displacement (in CC) 40.2 cc 24.5 cc
Weight 7.5 kg 4.5 kg
Handle type Shoulder Shoulder
Fuel Capacity (in ltr) 1.1 Ltr 0.4 Ltr
Fuel consumption/hour 0.98 Ltr 500 ml
Contry of origin Japan Japan

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