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Modern Dairy Horizontal Chaff Cutter

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The Horizontal Chaff Cutter, a remarkable offering from Modern Dairy Company. With a powerful 2.5 HP motor, this chaff cutter can efficiently cut chaff into precise 3.0 cm lengths, ensuring a finely chopped feed that enhances livestock nutrition and overall productivity. Available in various options such as petrol and electric operated models, the Horizontal Chaff Cutter caters to the diverse needs of farmers, providing them with flexibility and convenience in their operations. As a branded product, the Horizontal Chaff Cutter displays the superiority quality. This emphasis on quality materials and cutting-edge technology ensures a durable and reliable machine that delivers consistent performance.


Way2Agribusiness India Pvt Ltd, as an authorized dealer of the Horizontal Chaff Cutter, offers customers a comprehensive warranty, ensuring peace of mind. Each chaff cutter carefully packaged as a box piece and secure delivery to the farmers. Furthermore, Way2Agribusiness provides a 100% quality assurance, assuring farmers of an authentic, high-quality product. With the Horizontal Chaff Cutter, farmers can efficiently process chaff and enhance their livestock's feed.


Cutting capacity

1000 Kg/hr


2.5 HP

Power source



110 Kg

Number of blades

2 Roller 2 Blade

Cutting length

1 cm