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Way2agritech Chaff Cutter 20

Way2agritech Chaff Cutter 20

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The Way2agritech Chaff Cutter 20, offered by Way2Agribusiness India Pvt Ltd, is a robust machine featuring a 2 HP electric motor. It boasts an impressive cutting capacity of 750 kg/hr, delivering finely chopped chaff at a precise 1/2 inch cutting length. Designed for efficiency, this single-phase chaff cutter weighs 110 kg and utilizes a 2-blade cutting system, ensuring high-quality feed that enhances livestock nutrition. Way2Agribusiness India Pvt Ltd prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering a comprehensive warranty and 100% quality assurance, providing farmers with peace of mind.


Each chaff cutter is meticulously packaged as a box piece, ensuring secure delivery to farmers. With its reliable performance and commitment to quality, the Way2agritech Chaff Cutter 20 is an essential tool for efficient chaff processing and improved livestock feed management.


Cutting capacity

750 Kg/hr


2 HP

Power source



110 Kg

Number of blades

2 Blades

Cutting length

1/2 inch