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Makita Chainsaw EA4301F45B

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Experience the excellence of the Makita Chainsaw EA4301F45B, brought to you by the renowned Makita Company, synonymous with innovative tools and agri machinery. Boasting a powerful 52CC petrol engine, this chainsaw delivers remarkable performance with a power output that ensures efficient cutting through the toughest tasks. With an 18" bar length and a fuel capacity of 0.48 liters, EA4301F45B combines robustness with endurance. What sets it apart is its battery/electric-free design, ensuring consistent power without the hassle. The precisely engineered chain features an optimal pitch and length, enhancing its cutting precision.


In a market flooded with alternatives, the Makita Chainsaw stands as a testament to Japanese technology's superiority over other generic Chinese products. Purchasing from Way2Agribusiness India Pvt Ltd, an authorized dealer, guarantees a box piece with 100% quality assurance. The chainsaw comes with a comprehensive warranty, reflecting its durability and reliability. Whether you are a professional or an enthusiast, the Makita Chainsaw EA4301F45B promises to deliver performance that exceeds expectations.


Bar length (in)


Chain pitch

1.5 mm

Chain type


Power (in HP)/ (Volt)

2.6 HP

Engine type/ Chain gauge

1.3 mm

Displacement (in CC)/ Chain Speed

52 CC

Start System


Weight (in kg)

4.8 Kg

Fuel type/ Electric/Battery


Fuel Capacity (in ltr)/Chain oil tank volume

0.48 L

Country Of Origin