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Makita Chainsaw UC016GZ

Special prize

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Unveil the Makita Chainsaw UC016GZ, a sterling testament to Makita's exceptional position in the world of tools and farm machinery innovation. Renowned for unwavering quality, Makita introduces this battery-powered marvel with unmatched features. Packing a remarkable 40V power, it delivers superior cutting through its 400mm bar length and 3/8" chain pitch, embodying excellence in every stroke. A remarkable embodiment of Japanese technology's supremacy, the Makita Chainsaw UC016GZ outshines other competitors in reliability and performance.


As an authorized dealer, Way2Agribusiness India Pvt Ltd guarantees a box piece with 100% quality assurance. The chainsaw displays not only tool-less tension adjustment but also a mechanical brake and electric brake, ensuring both user safety and productivity. With features like an auto power-off function and excellent cutting performance, equivalent to 42mL class engine chain saws, Makita's innovation shines. This chainsaw stands as a potent choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Coupled with a comprehensive warranty, the Makita Chainsaw UC016GZ underscores the brand's commitment to longevity and quality, embodying a powerful blend of technology and reliability.


Bar length (in)

400 mm

Chain pitch


Chain Type


Power (in HP)/ (Volt)

40 V

Engine type/ Chain gauge


Start System

Self Start

Weight (in kg)

6.2-7.5 Kg

Fuel type/ Electric/Battery


Country Of Origin