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Makita Chainsaw UC4041A

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Discover the Makita Chainsaw UC4041A, a testament to Makita's exceptional prowess in tool innovation. Renowned for their dedication to quality, Makita presents this electric chainsaw with unparalleled features. Generating a powerful 1,800 W, it excels in performance, while its 400mm bar length and 3/8" chain pitch ensure efficient cutting. The Makita UC4041A stands out as an electric marvel in a world filled with alternatives. The precisely engineered chain coupled with tool less tension adjustment and chain and kickback brakes for operator safety underscores Makita's dedication to precision and security.


Furthermore, this chainsaw is a prime example of Japanese technology outshining its other counterparts in terms of reliability and performance. Obtaining the Makita Chainsaw UC4041A from Way2Agribusiness India Pvt Ltd, an authorized dealer, assures a box piece with an exceptional 100% quality guarantee. With zero emissions and reduced maintenance needs, this double-insulated chainsaw is an eco-friendly and practical choice. Backed by a comprehensive warranty, this chainsaw showcases Makita's commitment to both longevity and quality, making it an ideal tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike.


Bar length (in)

400 mm

Chain pitch


Chain type


Power (in HP)/ (Volt)

2.4 KW

Engine type/ Chain gauge


Displacement (in CC)/ Chain Speed

870 m

Start System


Weight (in kg)

4.7 Kg

Fuel type/ Electric/Battery


Country Of Origin