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16mm Plain Lateral Pipe Class-II

16mm Plain Lateral Pipe Class-II

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1 mtr



The 16mm Plain Lateral Pipe Class-II is a fundamental component in irrigation systems, renowned for its versatility and reliability. With a diameter of 16 millimeters, this lateral pipe efficiently delivers water to plants and crops, ensuring uniform distribution and optimal hydration levels.


The plain laterals simplify installation and maintenance processes, facilitating easy connections with other irrigation equipment such as emitters, drippers, or sprinklers. Whether utilized in small-scale gardens or expansive agricultural fields, the 16mm Plain Lateral Pipe Class-II guarantees consistent water distribution, thereby fostering healthy plant growth and promoting efficient water management practices.



Arecanut, Coconut & Fruits


Irrigation purpose

Drip emitter


Operating pressure

2.5 Kg/ Cm2

Size (Diameter)

16 mm


Cylindrical/ flat


1.1 - 1.3 mm

Length (Coil size)

300m- 4500m, 500m- 7500m

Material used

LLDPE - UV Stabilised