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Power Weeder

Product Specification

Product Name Honda F300 Honda FJ500 Honda FQ650
Power 2hp 5hp 5.5hp
Engine GX80 GX160 GP200H
Fuel tank capacity 1 lit 2.4 lit 2.4 lit
Engine type OHV,4 Stroke OHV,4 Stroke OHV,4 Stroke
Net Power 1.5kw @ 3600rpm 2.9kW @ 3600rpm 4.2/5.5KW @ 3,600
Fuel used Petrol Petrol Petrol
Displacement 79.7CC 163CC 196CC
Clutch Belt tension type Belt tension type Belt tension type
Ignition System Transistor magneto Transistor magneto Transistor magneto
Country of origin Japan Japan Japan

Brush Cutter

Brush cutters also called weed cutters or grass cutters, are powered garden or agricultural tools used to trim weeds, small trees, and other foliage. Honda Brush cutters are ideally suitable for agriculture, horticulture & landscaping activities. Brush cutters are multipurpose equipment which can also be used to harvest crop like paddy. Various blades or trimmer heads can be attached to the machine for specific applications. 4 stroke brush cutter, backpack brush cutter, petrol brush cutter are some of the key features of brush cutter machines. 4 stroke engines are more durable, tend to be better on fuel, quieter & less emissions and generally more expensive. Honda Brush Cutter is most familiar in the market. Way2Agritech supplies Honda brush cutters, which are suitable for agriculture, horticulture and landscaping operations. Key features of brush cutter by Honda are reliability, durable design, easy to start, efficient, quiet operation engine, excellent balance, low vibration and designed for a seamless operation. These brush cutters long handle with start button helps operator to control & operate the cutter. 4 stroke GX – 35 petrol engine with low fuel consumption is comfortable to use over long periods of time.

Product Specification

Product Name UMK435T U2NT UMK450T U2NT UMR435T L2ST
Engine Honda GX35 Honda GX50T Honda GX35T
Start System Recoil Starter Recoil Starter Recoil Starter
Power 1.5 hp 2 hp 1.3 hp
Engine type OHV,4 Stroke OHV,4 Stroke OHV,4 Stroke
Displacement 35.8 cc 47.9 cc 35.8 cc
Fuel used Petrol Petrol Petrol
Fuel Capacity 0.63 L 0.63 L 0.63 L
Weight 8.5 kg 9.2 kg 11.26 kg
Blade Type/Size 2 Blade Cutter 2-Teeth blade/14’’ 2-Teeth Blade/12"
Belt Shoulder Double Belt Backpack
Country of origin Japan Japan Japan

Water Pump

Honda power water pump fulfils timely and efficient irrigation needs of farmers. Honda water pump is capable to supply water from canals, bore-well, ponds and water bodies of most of all types. Honda Pumps line-up is designed to move liquids quickly, safely, quietly and easily. Honda Power has two types of water pumps such as petrol water pumps and diesel water pumps. Honda petrol water pumps mainly WB series are very much familiar in the market. These are the bestselling water pumps. Some of salient features of Honda water pumps are: powerful engine, high discharge, high head, self-priming, easy to carry & easy to start.

Product Specification

Product Name WS20X WB20XD WB30XD WV30D
Horse Power 2 HP 5 HP 5 HP 5 HP
Rated Power (Kw/Rpm) 1.5 Kw / 3600 Rpm 3.6 Kw / 3600 Rpm 3.6 Kw / 3600 Rpm 4.0 Kw/3600 Rpm
Fuel Type Petrol Petrol Petrol Diesel
Fuel tank capacity 1.5 L 3.1 L 3.1 L 3.5 L
Suction Port Diameter 80 mm 50 mm 80 mm
Discharge Port Diameter 80 mm 50 mm 80 mm
Max. Head 16 m 32 m 23 m 26 m
Suction Head 5 m 7.5 m 7.5 m 8 m
Dry Weight (Kg) 22 kg 26 kg 28 kg 48.5 kg
Maximum Discharge 520 LPM 670 LPM 1100 LPM 900 LPM
Contry of origin Japan Japan Japan Japan
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Honda Generator is a new age generator with very low sound / noise, which is the result of Honda's innovative technology. To make it a complete standby power source, every possible detail has been kept in mind while designing its features by Honda Power. In the generator segment, it is one of the fast moving product with the best generator technology in the market. Honda generators are familiar products and have reputation for their quality. Buyers chose Honda generators as they know what they are getting. Honda has 3 series of generators such as inverter series, silent series and handy series. Honda power generators are highly esteemed for their reliability, quality, fuel efficiency and good design. Honda generators have a special materials to dampen sound and make them incredibly quiet.

Product Specification

Product Name EP 1000 EX2400S EU30is EU70is
Start System Recoil Starter Recoil Starter Electric / Recoil Start Electric / Recoil Start
Engine 4 stroke GX160D GX200T GX390T2
Fuel Petrol Petrol Petrol Petrol
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.6 L 9.4 L 12.5 L 19.2 L
Continuous running 6.7 hours 6.7 hours 7.3 hours 6.5 hours
Frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz
Rated Output 750 VA 1.8 kVA 2.8 kVA 5.5 kVA
Maximum Output 850 VA 2100 VA 3000 VA 7000 VA
Voltage 230 V 230 V 230 V 230 V
Dry Weight 27.4 Kg 91 Kg 59.5 Kg 123.2 Kg
Country of origin Japan Japan Japan Japan


Honda Engines are high quality products and these can perform many engine in their different classes. Honda Engines are armed with the latest, world-renowned 4-stroke Honda technology, low noise levels, low vibration, and low emissions – without sacrificing power output or performance. Range of Honda Engines for machine running are: engines gx100 - competitive price & 98cc displacement, engines gx200 - 196 cc engine, engines gx 80d qx, engines gx 160d qtb, engines gx 160dqx, engines gx 160d qka, engines gx 160d lka, engines gx 160d qtb, engines gx 160d qx and engines gx 200d sd. Common application of Honda engines are: Agricultural equipment, Tillers / cultivators, water pumps, Commercial lawn and garden equipment, generators, industrial equipment etc.

Product Specification

Engine Model GX 80D GX 160D GX 200D
Engine type: 4-stroke single cylinder 4-stroke single cylinder 4-stroke single cylinder
Bore x Stroke 46 x 48 mm 68 x 45 mm 68 x 54 mm
Net power 1.5 kW ( 2 HP ) / 3600 rpm 3.6 kW ( 4.8 HP ) / 3600 rpm 4.1 kW ( 5.5 HP ) / 3600 rpm
Displacement 79.7 cm3; 163 cm?3; 196 cm?3;
Fuel used Petrol Petrol Petrol
Fuel tank Capacity 1.5 L 3.1 L 3.1 L
Weight 11.1 kg 15.1 kg 16.1 kg
Oil Capacity 0.6 L 0.6 L 0.6 L
Max. net torque 4.5 N.m / (0.46 kgf.m / 2500 rpm 10.3 Nm / 1.05 kgfm / 2500 rpm 12.4 Nm / 1.26 kgfm / 2500 rpm
Country of origin Japan Japan Japan

Lawn Mover

Key features of Honda lawn mowers are durability, reliability and innovation. From features that save you time and money to technology designed to make mowing easier, Honda mowers are a very smart choice. Honda lawn mower incorporate Honda’s clean GXV/ GCV*2 engines that has high performance, high fuel economy and low exhaust gas emissions. Honda lawn mowers have established market all across the globe including India. Lawn Mower variants available with Honda in Indian market included: HRJ 196 PWDH, which is Air cooled 4 stroke lawn mower. HRJ216 K3TW is self-propelled lawn mower.

Product Specification

Product Name HRJ216 K2 HRJ196
Engine GXV 160 GXV160H2
Cutting Width 21 inch/530 mm 470 mm
Power 1.5 hp 2 hp
Engine type OHV,4 Stroke OHV,4 Stroke
Displacement 163 CC 163 CC
Fuel used Petrol Petrol
Fuel tank Capacity 1.5 L 1.5 L
Weight 43 kg 41 kg
Country of origin Japan Japan

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