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3" Flow Rate: 50m3/hr

3" Flow Rate: 50m3/hr

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The 3" metal screen filter is designed to efficiently manage liquid filtration tasks with its specified flow rate. Its robust construction and precise screening mechanism ensure effective removal of solid particles from liquids, maintaining a clean output. This filter is particularly suitable for industrial and agricultural applications where substantial flow rates are required.


The 3" metal screen filter, boasting a flow rate of 50 cubic meters per hour, offers a robust solution for efficient liquid filtration in industrial and agricultural settings. Constructed with precision and durability, this filter effectively removes solid particles from liquids, ensuring a clean and clarified output. The benefits of the 3" metal screen filter extend beyond its filtration capabilities. Its sturdy construction ensures longevity and reliability, even in demanding environments, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance. 3" metal screen filter stands as a valuable asset for achieving optimal filtration results and operational excellence in diverse industrial and agricultural applications.



Primary irrigation


It allows clean water into the micri irrrigation system

Flow rate

50 m3/ hr


3" bsp

Mesh size

120 mesh filtration degree

Installation position


Screen material

Standard SS Screen

Material used

Mild Steel


15.5 Kg