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2" Flow Rate : 25m3/hr

2" Flow Rate : 25m3/hr

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The Plastic Screen filter - Y type designed for 2-inch pipes and boasting a flow rate of 25M3/Hr offers efficient filtration for water systems requiring moderate to high flow rates. Its Y-shaped configuration maximizes filtration capacity while minimizing pressure loss, ensuring optimal performance in various applications.


The Plastic Screen filter designed for 2-inch pipes with a flow rate of 25M3/Hr has quickly become a fast-moving product in the market due to its combination of efficiency, versatility, and reliability. Its ability to handle moderate to high flow rates while effectively filtering out debris and sediment makes it highly sought after in various industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, and residential water treatment.



Primary irrigation


It allows clean water into the micri irrrigation system

Flow rate

25 m3/ hr


2" bsp

Mesh size

120 mesh filtration degree

Installation position


Screen material

Standard SS Screen

Material used

Polypropylene Glass Filled


2 Kg