Power Tiller


KAMCO Power Tiller is a versatile machine primarily used for specific operations like tilling, ploughing, weeding, pumping, puddling, levelling, hulling, ridging etc. Kamco power tiller has been designed to function in wet and dry soil condition. It has lower weight per output rating with reduced fuel consumption per horse power output. Engine has low smoke level to satisfy emission norms and functions in both wet and dry soil condition. KAMCO power tiller is one of the fast moving products in the market and it has good market all across Karnataka.

Product Specification

Model Name KAMCO Super DI
Engine Type 4 Stroke
Power 12 HP
Displacement 744 CC
Fuel Used Diesel
Fuel consumption 1.25 L/hr
Fuel tank capacity 10.7 L
Rated rpm 2000 rpm
Transmission 6 forward, 2 reverse gear
Tilling width 23 inch
Tilling depth 8 inch
Tillage capacity 1 hectare/ 8hrs
Weight 485 kgs
Country of origin India
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Shrachi Power Tiller

Shrachi Virat 13HP is a superior tiller powered by 13HP diesel engine. Shrachi Virat has robust built quality and can work in dry as well as wet land and is very suitable for farming of crops like paddy, sugarcane, horticulture even for inter-cultivation. Shrachi tiller comes with optional seat for the farmers, light weight and fuel efficient. Shrachi tiller is a fast moving product in the market.

Product Specification

Model Name Shrachi Virat
Engine Type 4 stroke
Power 13 HP
Displacement 420 CC
Rated rpm 2400 rpm
No. of Blades 18 nos (9+9)
Fuel Used Diesel
Fuel consumption 1.2 L/Hr
Fuel tank capacity 10.7 litres
Max Travel speed 15 Kmph*
Transmissions 6 forward, 2 reverse gear
Weight 405 kgs
Tilling Width 23.6 inch
Tilling Depth 6 inch
Country of origin India

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