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KAMCO Power Tiller is a versatile machine primarily used for specific operations like tilling, ploughing, weeding, pumping, puddling, levelling, hulling, ridging etc. Kamco power tiller has been designed to function in wet and dry soil condition. It has lower weight per output rating with reduced fuel consumption per horse power output. Engine has low smoke level to satisfy emission norms and functions in both wet and dry soil condition. KAMCO power tiller is one of the fast moving products in the market and it has good market all across Karnataka. Product maintenance found to be good for Kamco power tiller.

Product Specification

Model Name KMB 200 DI
Engine Type Direct Injection, Horizontal, Four stroke, Diesel, Single Cylinder, Water Cooled
Power 12 HP
Fuel Used Diesel
Rated rpm 2000 rpm
Drive type Gear drive
Fuel consumption 270 - 272 gm/ Kw hr
Fuel tank capacity 10.7 litres
No. of speeds Forward 6 + Reverse 2 + Tilling 4
Weight 485 kgs
Tillage capacity 1 hectare/ 8hrs
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Kirloskar’s power tillers are powerful and designed to work efficiently in both wet and dry fields. It offers the versatility of a tiller & the comfort & performance of a tractor at the turn of a key. We offer several unique features and some of them are Key Start Ignition, Mobile Charger, Power Meter, Alternator & Safety Start Switch. It offers maximum efficiency for minimum fuel consumption. Advanced brakes and tractor-like seat ensures maximum safety & comfort to users. It has cera metallic clutch to ensure longer life. It has some unique applications that have not been seen in tillers before.

Product Specification

Model Name MEGA T 15 DELUXE
Engine Type Single Cylinder, Horizontal, Water Cooled Diesel Engine
Power 15 HP
Fuel Used Diesel
Rated rpm 2000 rpm
Displacement 995 cc
Fuel consumption 270 gm/ Kw hr
Engine Oil 3.5 litres (15 W 40 grade)
Fuel tank capacity 10.7 litres
No. of speeds Forward 6 + Reverse 2
Weight 138 kgs
No of Blades 20


A tough, powerful tiller that gives you reliability, efficiency and long-lasting Husqvarna durability. Easy-starting petrol engine with oil bath air filter ensures long service life, even when used in dry, dusty environments – while the fully sealed transmission (with direct clutch, two forward speeds and one reverse) means it’s also perfectly suited to the wet. A wide range of useful accessories connected via the AUX PTO make it a truly versatile machine.

Product Specification

Model Name HUSQVARNA TF 545P
Engine Husqvarna Engine
Power 5 kW/6.7 HP
Fuel Used Petrol
Cylinder displacement 270 cm³
Working width 110 cm
Working depth 30 cm
Transmission type Direct Clutch
Transmission steps forward Forward 4
Weight 113 kgs
Tillage capacity 0.21 hectare/ hour


Shrachi Virat 13HP is a superior tiller, manufactured with precision and care in India. Powered by 13HP diesel engine, this tiller has an attractive look with bright dual head lights. This tiller comes with optional seat for the farmers. Shrachi Virat has robust built quality and can work in dry as well as wet land and is very suitable for farming of crops like paddy, wheat, sugarcane, cotton and horticulture plants like coconut, guava, mango etc. Very much suitable for inter-cultivation, this tiller is light weight and fuel efficient.

Product Specification

Model Name VIRAT 13HP
Engine Type Horizontal 4 stroke, single cylinder, water cooled, Direct Ignition
Power 13 HP
Fuel Used Diesel
Rated rpm 2400 rpm
No. of Blades 18 nos (9+9)
Fuel consumption 1.1 - 1.2 Litres/Hr
Fuel tank capacity 10.7 litres
Max Travelling speed 15 Kmph*
Weight 405 kgs
Tilling Width 2 feet (600 mm)
Tilling Depth 6 inces (150 mm)

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