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Raingun SRG38

Raingun SRG38

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The Raingun SRG38 is an advanced irrigation device engineered to deliver precise and efficient watering for agricultural fields. With its durable construction and innovative design, the SRG38 provides reliable performance in various environmental conditions. Its sprinkle radius is 34mtr to 52mtr. Equipped with adjustable settings for spray angle, distance, and flow rate, farmers can tailor the irrigation process to suit the specific requirements of their crops.


The SRG38 features a maximum sprinkle radius of up to 44 mtr – 64mtr, ensuring extensive coverage and uniform water distribution across large areas. This wide coverage capability makes it ideal for irrigating expansive farmlands, optimizing water usage, and promoting healthy crop growth. Whether used for crop cultivation, soil moisture management, or dust suppression, the Raingun SRG38 proves to be a valuable asset for enhancing agricultural productivity and sustainability.



Field crops


Used for high area coverage


1, 1/2"

Operating pressure

200 kpa - 500 kpa

Flow rate


Nozzle size

12mm, 14mm, 16mm

Coverage area/ Diameter

44 to 64 mtr

Spray pattern

Full / Part circle

Connector type

Female BSPT

Material used