Agriculture Sprayers

Hand Operated Sprayer

Components of manual sprayers are spray liquid tank, sprayer pump, pressure regulator, valves, fluid plumbing and nozzle. Manual sprayers reach good distance, when the product works in excellent conditions. A knapsack is a type of sprayer that disperses liquid through a hand-held nozzle that is attached to a pressurized reservoir carried on the operators back. Hand operated sprayers are suitable for smaller activities.

Hand with Battery Operated Sprayer (2 in 1)

Kissan 76, Battery Cum Manual Sprayer is available with us. This sprayer will be very much helpful to finish the spraying operations when the charge will goes out and sprayer cannot run further. For normal agricultural operations, excluding taller perennial crops, it will be very much helpful. This product has good demand due to its multiple operation features.

Battery Operated Sprayer

Battery sprayers tend to spray faster and to the desired height and length. The battery sprayer comes with a speed controller that allows the farmer to control the nozzle's liquid discharge. If a medicine need to be sprayed less, then they can reduce or increase the pressure as required. Battery sprayers weigh less than other sprayers, enabling the farmers to carry them while spraying.

agriculture sprayer

Power Sprayer

Power sprayer will be used to apply a highly concentrated pesticide in dispersed form usually by delivering it into a strong air blast generated by fans or blowers. A power sprayer is essentially consists of prime mover, tank, agitator, air-chamber, pressure gauge, pressure regulator, nozzle etc. Honda power sprayer is a heavy duty and efficient sprayer. Honda power sprayer equipped with mini 4-stroke Honda GX 25 engine.

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