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2 in 1 Sitting Climber

2 in 1 Sitting Climber

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The Way2Agritech 2-in-1 Climber for Areca and coconut harvesting is a high-quality tool designed with precision to enhance harvesting efficiency. This climber features a sitting provision for comfort and comprises left and right assemblies made from SS 202 grade metal, ensuring robustness and durability. The main structure includes a solid rod that supports up to 120 kg, ensuring safe climbing. It comes with a GI steel rope, 6 mm in diameter and 50 mm long, capable of bearing 500 kg with a rope stand.


The climber incorporates high-quality materials such as petal mild steel, plastic double-side locking knobs, an 8 mm thick sturdy tyre-holding clamp, and safety-oriented nylon lock nuts. Joints are expertly welded using SS 308 and SS 309, and it includes a safety belt for additional security. This 9 kg climber also comes with two sets of ropes—one for Areca and another for coconut—allowing users to switch ropes as needed. The Way2Agritech 2-in-1 Climber is a reliable, efficient tool designed to boost productivity while prioritizing user safety.


Weight holding capacity

110 - 120 Kg

Material used

Stainless steel

No. of rods



9 Kg

Safety belt

Available along with product