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Honda Water Pump WV30D

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The Honda Water Pump WV30D embodies the excellence and ingenuity that distinguishes the Honda India Power Products Ltd. With a legacy of delivering top-notch products, Honda has earned a reputation for reliability and innovation. This water pump boasts remarkable capacity, equipped with a powerful engine that generates substantial capacity of 5 hp and 163 cubic centimeters. It offers a high discharge rate of 900 ltr/min and head, also stands out due to its compatibility with a 3-inch pipe and exclusive diesel operation. This is only one diesel model from Honda, crafted with precision and durability. The product designed to withstand demanding applications, from agricultural irrigation to dewatering tasks. Its user-friendly features, easy starting, and low maintenance ensure a seamless operation for users.


As a branded product from Honda, the WV30D underscores the superiority of Japanese technology over diesel products. Honda's advanced engineering and cutting-edge design result in a water pump that surpasses competitors, providing unmatched reliability and longevity. As an authorized dealer, Way2Agribusiness India Pvt Ltd offers a comprehensive warranty for the WV30D, instilling confidence in farmers. Every water pump package contains original box piece, guaranteeing safe delivery and smooth functioning. With 100% quality assurance from us, farmers can trust that the Honda WV30D will deliver exceptional results, providing reliable water solutions for various agricultural requirements.


Maximum discharge/min

900 L/min

Total Head (Meters)

26 m

Power (in HP)

5 HP

Engine Type/ ModelEngine Type/ Model

4 stroke

Displacement (in CC)

296 CC

Start System


Weight (in Kg)

48.5 Kg

Fuel Type


Fuel Capacity (in Ltr)

3.5 L

Fuel Consumption/Hour

500 ml

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