Disk Filter

The specifications provided represent various sizes and flow rates of hydrocyclone filters, each tailored to meet specific needs in liquid filtration applications. The 2" hydrocyclone filter with a flow rate of 15 cubic meters per hour is designed for more moderate filtration requirements. 2" hydrocyclone filter boasting a flow rate of 20 cubic meters per hour provides slightly higher capacity. 3" hydrocyclone filter with a flow rate of 30 cubic meters per hour offers enhanced filtration capabilities, making it suitable for medium-sized industrial or agricultural operations where a greater volume of liquid needs to be processed effectively. Finally, the 3" hydrocyclone filter with a flow rate of 50 cubic meters per hour represents a robust solution for demanding filtration tasks in larger-scale applications.

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The disk filter is a crucial component within irrigation systems, renowned for its efficiency in removing solid particles and debris from water. Featuring a series of stacked, grooved disks housed within a cylindrical chamber, this filter utilizes gravity and hydrostatic pressure to facilitate the filtration process. As water passes through the disks, suspended solids are trapped within the grooves while the clean water continues to flow through. The trapped particles form a cake-like layer on the disks, which enhances filtration efficiency by further capturing smaller particles.

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