Emitting pipe

Emitting pipes, also known as drip lines or drip tapes, are integral components of drip irrigation systems, providing precise water delivery directly to the root zone of plants. Introducing the Emitting Pipe 16mm with in-built emitters spaced at 40 cm intervals, available in discharge rates of 1.2, 2, and 4 liters per hour (lph). This precise irrigation solution ensures uniform water distribution directly to the root zone of plants. With its flat design and built-in emitters, it offers efficient water delivery while conserving resources. Suitable for various agricultural applications, this emitting pipe provides flexibility and reliability in irrigation, contributing to improved crop yields and water efficiency.

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Precision Watering
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The content of an emitting pipe typically depends on its purpose and application. Emitting pipes are commonly used in irrigation systems to deliver water directly to the roots of plants, reducing water waste and promoting efficient watering. The main component of an emitting pipe is typically a flexible tubing made from materials like polyethylene. Embedded within this tubing are small emitter openings or drip emitters spaced at regular intervals. These emitters control the flow of water, allowing it to drip out slowly and precisely onto the soil. Emitting pipes may contain filters to prevent clogging from debris and particles in the water supply. Some advanced systems may also include pressure regulators to ensure consistent water flow regardless of variations in water pressure.

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