Dosatron Hydraulic Pump

Dosatron hydraulic pumps offer numerous advantages for fertigation applications. Their precise dosing capability ensures accurate and consistent delivery of fertilizers into irrigation systems, promoting optimal plant growth and health. Installation is straightforward, allowing for quick integration into existing irrigation setups without significant downtime. With adjustable dosing rates, Dosatron pumps provide flexibility in fertilization strategies, enabling growers to tailor nutrient delivery to meet the specific needs of their crops. Additionally, Dosatron pumps help minimize waste by delivering fertilizers directly into the irrigation water at the desired concentration. Overall, Dosatron hydraulic pumps offer efficient, reliable, and precise fertigation solutions, contributing to improved crop yields and resource utilization in agriculture.

Vital Drop
Precision Watering
Nourished Growth


A Dosatron hydraulic pump is commonly used for fertigation, which is the process of delivering fertilizers or nutrients to plants through irrigation water. This type of pump is specifically designed to accurately inject fertilizers into the irrigation system at the desired concentration, ensuring that plants receive the necessary nutrients for optimal growth and development. By using a Dosatron pump for fertigation, farmers can efficiently manage nutrient delivery to their crops, resulting in improved yields and overall plant health. Dosatron hydraulic pump, is non-electric fluid driven dosing pump, which can be used for fruits & vegetables production, greenhouse & nursery, field crops and landscaping. Dosatron pump also used for the following operations: crop protection treatment, fumigation, pH adjustment, flower preservation, post-harvest treatment and disinfection.