The Emitters come in a variety of flow rates to suit different plant needs and watering preferences. Among the NPC (Non-Pressure Compensating) Emitters, the Yellow variant releases water at a rate of 2 liters per hour (LPH), ideal for plants with low water requirements. The Green emitter disperses water at 4 LPH, offering moderate hydration suitable for various plant types. For plants with higher water needs, the Black NPC Emitter provides a flow rate of 8 LPH, while the Blue NPC Emitter, with a flow rate of 14 LPH, caters to plants requiring frequent watering or in areas with high evaporation rates. Additionally, the Black PC (Pressure Compensating) Emitter offers controlled watering at 4 LPH, ensuring precise distribution for optimal plant growth and water efficiency.

Vital Drop
Precision Watering
Nourished Growth


Emitters are designed to release water at a controlled and consistent rate, delivering it directly to the root zone of plants. This targeted approach minimizes water wastage and ensures optimal moisture levels for plant growth. Emitters come in various sizes, typically measured in flow rates expressed in liters per hour (LPH) or gallons per hour (GPH). For shallow-rooted crops such as lettuce or strawberries, drip emitters placed close to the soil surface deliver water directly to the root zone.

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