Metal Screen Filter

The metal screen filter comes in various sizes and flow rates to meet the diverse needs of liquid filtration applications. The 2" model is available with flow rates of either 10 or 20 cubic meters per hour, offering flexibility to accommodate different operational requirements. Moving up in size, the 2 1/2" model boasts a flow rate of 30 cubic meters per hour, providing increased filtration capacity for medium-sized industrial or agricultural operations. Similarly, the 3" metal screen filter is available with flow rates of 40 or 50 cubic meters per hour, catering to larger-scale applications with higher liquid flow demands.

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The metal screen filter is a crucial component in liquid filtration systems, designed to effectively remove solid particles from liquids in various industrial and agricultural applications. Constructed from durable metal materials, these filters offer reliability and longevity even in demanding environments. Their precise screening mechanism ensures efficient particle removal while maintaining a clean and clarified output.

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