Micro Sprinklers

A micro sprinkler is a precision irrigation tool designed for efficient watering of plants or small areas. It operates with a discharge range of 50 - 70 liters per hour (lph) and requires a pressure between 1 - 1.5 bar for optimal performance. With a wetted diameter of 3.5 meters, it effectively covers a sizable area. When installed on 12 mm laterals, it can accommodate up to 12 micro sprinklers, while on 16 mm laterals, the maximum is 6. The connecting tube size for micro sprinklers is typically 6 mm, allowing for easy installation and connection to the irrigation system. These features make micro sprinklers ideal for precise and controlled watering in gardens, orchards, and other small-scale irrigation applications.

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A micro sprinkler is a type of irrigation device used to deliver water to plants in a controlled manner. Unlike traditional sprinklers that cover large areas with a wide spray pattern, micro sprinklers are designed to produce fine droplets or a mist-like spray pattern, which helps to minimize water runoff and evaporation while promoting efficient water absorption by plants. They consist of a small nozzle or emitter mounted on a stake or support structure, which disperses water in a fine spray or mist.

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