Venturi systems are utilized in various applications for their ability to create suction and effectively mix fluids. The "3/4" Venturi with Suction Port Only" model provides a compact solution for fluid suction, suitable for smaller-scale operations. The 1" Venturi with Suction Port Only offers increased flow capacity compared to its smaller counterpart, making it suitable for moderate fluid mixing tasks. For larger-scale operations, the 1.1/2" Venturi with Suction Port Only provides even greater flow capacity, allowing for efficient fluid suction and mixing in industrial settings. The 2" Venturi with Suction Port Only Automat/Ravands model offers automated functionality, enhancing efficiency and control over fluid mixing processes. Additionally, the 1/2" Venturi with Suction Port Threaded (Short) (D) model features a threaded suction port for secure connection, ideal for precise fluid suction in confined spaces or specialized applications.

Vital Drop
Precision Watering
Nourished Growth


Venturi in irrigation systems is a device used to inject fertilizer or chemicals into the water flow. It consists of a constricted section in a pipe where the water velocity increases, creating a low-pressure zone. This low-pressure zone draws in the fertilizer or chemical through a small side tube, mixing it with the flowing water. The mixture is then delivered to the irrigation system, ensuring uniform distribution of nutrients or chemicals to the plants. Venturis are commonly used in agricultural irrigation to efficiently apply fertilizers, pesticides, or other amendments to crops.

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