Rain Pipe

Rain pipe coverings are essential components of irrigation systems, providing protection and support to the pipes while ensuring efficient water distribution. The 20mm diameter covering with a thickness of 0.25mm offers lightweight yet durable protection, ideal for smaller-scale irrigation applications such as home gardens or landscaping projects. In contrast, the 32mm and 40mm diameter coverings, both with a thickness of 0.35mm, provide enhanced strength and stability, making them suitable for larger agricultural fields or commercial landscaping projects.

Vital Drop
Precision Watering
Nourished Growth


Rain pipes are innovative tools used in irrigation systems to efficiently distribute water to plants, mimicking natural rainfall. These pipes typically feature evenly spaced holes or emitters along their length, allowing water to drip or trickle out slowly onto the soil surface. This controlled water application helps prevent soil erosion, minimizes water runoff, and reduces the risk of water wastage.

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