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Introducing the Rain Gun SRG32 and raingun SRG38, two powerful irrigation tools designed to meet the diverse needs of agricultural applications. The Rain Gun SRG32 features a 1 1/4" Female BSPT connection, offering both full and part-circle operation for flexible coverage. With an impressive range spanning from 34 meters to 52 meters, it efficiently irrigates expansive fields with ease. On the other hand, the raingun SRG38 boasts a 1 1/2" Female BSPT connection, providing robust performance in full or part-circle mode. With a coverage range extending from 44 meters to 64 meters, it delivers ample water distribution for larger agricultural areas. Both models offer reliable and efficient irrigation solutions, ensuring optimal water distribution and promoting healthy crop growth.

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Sales Price: ₹3100.00

Rain Gun SRG32

Sales Price: ₹4600.00

Raingun SRG38

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