Coconut Climber

Coconut climber, standing type has two parts, one left and right assembly. This Coconut climber main structure is made up of SS 202 grade metal. SS 202 grade vertical solid rod dia 10 mm can take about 80 kg of human body weight. It’s GI steel rope dia -6 mm with length- 50 mm can take weight of 500 kg with stand of rope.

Stainless Steel Material
9-10 Kgs Weight
High Quality


Coconut climber covers petal mild steel material, locking knob plastic double side, tyre holding clamp 8mm thick and safety purpose nylon lock nut. Welding of joint by welded by SS 308 & SS 309 and Ms 6018. To be safer, full body safety belt can be used. Both climber with two rod and three rod available with us.

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